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Delfield, Frymaster, Garland, Jackson, Merrychef, and Multiplex display innovative products in NAFEM's WHAT'S HOT! WHAT'S COOL!® New Product Gallery

What's Hot!  What's Cool! For NafemNovember 22nd, 2010

Convotherm by Cleveland - Sophisticated combi oven steamers in one simple, foolproof design

Convotherm® by Cleveland mini combi ovens are the perfect fit for any kitchen, offering maximum performance and flexibility in a minimum amount of space. So flexible you can bake, broil, roast, grill, steam, stew, blanch, poach, fry and re-therm, all with push-button ease.

  • Easy to operate – Press and Go controls deliver perfect results, every time.
  • Optional new easyToUCH™ user-friendly electronic touch pad system simplifies cooking operations with large, easy-to-read, colorful graphics to help staff navigate through menus.
  • The Advanced Closed System™ with Crisp & Tasty de-moisturizing feature automatically regulates moisture and heat for beautiful, consistent and superior food quality. 
  • Automatic reversing fan allows even temperature and browning patterns and eliminates the need to rotate products during cooking.

Delfield - If you can visualize it, we can Concept it

Start by using standard components. Then add options, accessories and finishes that meet your specific needs. End with a serving system that has the look and feel of a custom solution but without the custom price tag. There are virtually thousands of different configurations you can create with the new Concepts™ line by Delfield.

  • Complete array of Delfield drop-ins.
  • Wide variety of signage options with standard configurations.
  • Interchangeable décor panels.
  • Highest quality tops and laminates.

Frymaster - Great fried foods with less energy consumption, less waste

As foodservice operators are pressured to do more with less, Frymaster’s state-of-the-art equipment can help to improve profit margins with labor- and energy-saving features, contribute to green and sustainability initiatives, safeguard workers, and move customers toward healthier eating. Frymaster offers a new line of Oil-Conserving Fryers –OCF 30 fryers—that use less energy and produce less waste.

  • SMART4U™ controller has operation management features that monitor and help control food and oil quality, oil life and equipment performance.
  • Innovative safety features offer proprietary advantages over other fryers – automatic high-limit reset and audible alarm if second drain valve is opened.
  • Independent frypot construction of batteries makes it easy to repair or replace a frypot while maintaining continuous operation.
  • The Oil Attendant™ feature automatically replenishes oil from a jug-in-box (JIB) conveniently located inside the fryer cabinet.

Garland - Island suites with induction cooking deliver huge energy savings

Garland Island Suites are high-performance, customized work centers that maximize kitchen efficiency with the latest technology. Induction cooking lets operators and chefs create customized work areas that not only look great but are extremely functional.

  • Induction cooking systems can be individualized according to the needs of the staff and offer sleek design, maximum comfort and the highest degree of safety when in use. Ideal for integration into island suites.
  • The induction heating field acts only when a pan is present. That means no radiation heat, no unnecessary heating of the work place and shorter cook times.
  • Other Manitowoc Foodservice equipment, such as Delfield undercounter refrigeration, Garland induction units, Cleveland Steamers and Frymaster fryers can be easily incorporated into Garland island suites

Jackson - Meet the new dishwashing CREW™!

Using less water, energy, and chemicals the new CREW™ will pay for itself in just three years. The CREW™ is fully automatic with clearance to accommodate large sheet pans and mixing bowls. The CREW’s double-walled insulated cabinet provides quiet operation with less heat transfer into the dishroom.

  • Easy to use - fully automatic, including auto-fill feature.
  • Low cost of ownership - pays for itself in three years with the savings on electrical, water and chemicals.
  • Rainbow Rinse™ features an exclusive arched rinse arm that provides superior rinse action while reducing water usage.
  • Exclusive “Energy Guard” control system cuts idle energy use by allowing the machine to operate only when a rack is being washed or rinsed.
  • Cleans 218 racks per hour using only .32 gallons (1.2 liters) per rack.

Merrychef - Redefining fast food at the touch of an eikon

The new Merrychef eikon™ e4 accelerated cooking oven combines three heat technologies – convection heat, impingement air and microwave energy -- achieving cook times up to 15 times faster than conventional ovens. The e4 is ideal for quick- and limited-service restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels and universities.

  • Fast, perfect, predictable results every time.
  • Ventless cooking technology comes standard.
  • Uses standard ¼ size metal pans.
  • Energy-saving standby mode.
  • Cool-to-touch oven exterior means food heats quickly while the outside stays cool.
  • Built-in diagnostics avoid unnecessary service calls

Multiplex – An easy solution for smoothies, frappes, iced mochas, and more

Today’s most successful beverage programs offer more than just a limited line up of ho-hum bottle beverages and a mediocre selection of traditional dispensed carbonated soft drinks. They offer a “customer-centric” selection of blended beverage options that generate excitement and bring customers back in day-after-day and week-after-week. Multiplex’s Blend-in-Cup workstation makes it easy to add blended beverages to your operation.

  • Exclusive easyToUCH™ icon-based touch screen makes preparation and inventory management easy.
  • Blend and serve right in the same cup – improves consistency and reduces waste, labor and serve time.
  • Onboard ice machine is perfect for all types of specialty beverages, delivering up to 80 drinks in a peak hour.
  • Multi-product dispenser and two mixing stations improves throughput and provides for maximum customization options.