Multiplex Blend-In-Cup® Workstation

Capitalize on your customer's thirst for blended drinks with an automated, easy-to-use workstation. 


With an all-in-one convenient footprint, the new Multiplex Blend-In-Cup® Workstation makes it easy to add blended beverages to your operation. So easy to use you can be up and running as a crew-serve or self-serve beverage destination in no time.

Take the guesswork and the mess out of making delicious and nutritious smoothies, frappes, slush drinks, blended ice beverages, cocktails and so much more.

Exclusive easyToUCH™ Control
Easy to use icon based touch screen control makes beverage preparation and inventory management easy. The control panel offers visual training, cleaning, maintenance and data collection information.

Built-in nugget ice machine
The perfect ice for all kinds of specialty beverages, the onboard nugget ice machine maintains high-volume drink capacity during peak hours. Ice maker supports high volume ice demand within a 24 hr period.

Multi-product dispenser + two mixing stations
Productivity is built right in with a beverage requiring less than 40 seconds to prepare. Dual mixing modules improve throughput even more.

Built-in refrigeration for storage & dispense system
Convenience and food safety is built right in. Storage cabinet holds up to 8 beverage flavors. The dispense pump system will handle small particulates and all product is stored at food safe temperatures.