Art & Science of Manitowoc Beverage

What’s your flavor? What’s your pick?

Today’s thirsty restaurant and convenience store customers crave options. Servend introduces the new FLAV’R PIC™ ice/beverage dispenser giving customers the ability to mix up their own beverage creation. 16 beverage selections, up to 8 flavor enhancements, and a choice of cube or crushed ice gives customers millions of potential drink combinations.

Offer your customers more options






Recent market studies have shown that two-thirds (67%) of fountain beverage customers prefer to have an ice choice. Servend’s FLAV'R PIC with exclusive icepic™ technology offers the industry’s only crushed or cubed ice option within one beverage dispenser; making it possible to offer customers two types of ice choices utilizing just one ice machine. When crushed ice is selected, the cube is crushed inside the machine prior to dispensing. The crushed ice option gives “crushed ice lovers” something to chew on without watering the beverage down as with nugget-type ice.  The cubed ice option quickly gives customers the traditional ice-cold drink. With multiple ice options available from just one single ice machine the need for a second ice machine is eliminated, saving space and money.

The FLAV'R PIC delivers big profits in a small footprint

Mark Johnsson, vice president of marketing for the beverage division explains, “FLAV’R PIC offers an unparalleled fountain beverage choice to the consumer, while at the same time providing the foodservice operator an unrivaled beverage destination solution in the 30” wide ice/beverage dispenser equipment category – a true win/win proposition.”

The ultimate in beverage dispensing

Designed to give customers the ultimate in beverage dispensing options, Servend’s FLAV’R PIC offers more choices in less space than any other beverage dispensing system available today… increasing customers and increasing profits.

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