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There are two types of draft beer systems... that makes money and one that doesn’t. Using Multiplex’s Beermaster™ Long Draw Draught Beer Dispensing System for your long-draw draft needs puts you in the “money making” category.

Consider this; a keg that is set up correctly and running efficiently should generate 136 pint glasses of beer with a ¾” head. Very often a system that is not optimally set up will lose 20% of the profit yield. That equates to 27 lost glasses per keg, and if you sell each pint at $4.00 per glass, that’s $108 per keg. If you sell one keg a week, it works out to over $5,000 per year in lost bar revenue.

The Multiplex Beermaster dispensing system makes sure that the correct temperatures are maintained delivering a consistently cold beer.  Less “foamy” beer goes down the drain and customers enjoy an ice-cold beer.

Cold beer every time

With the Beermaster system, chilled beer flows from cooler to tap through the best insulated conduit in the industry. The Beermaster remote glycol chiller units maintain a cold, consistent temperature on runs of up to 1,000 feet. Circulating glycol coolant maximizes cooling capacity and ensures cold beer every time – through hot spots and during peak hours.  Multiplex Beermaster chillers are rated to perform in up to 100º ambient conditions, the most rigorous in the industry. 

Space-saving operation

All kegs and the refrigeration unit can be placed in one remote location, up to hundreds of feet away from the dispensing towers, freeing up valuable space under the bar and in the serving area. In addition, the Multiplex Beermaster eliminates the problem of replacing kegs in a crowded bar area in view of the customer. Everything is out of the way in one remote cooling center.

Increase yields

A more efficient cooling system means less foam, less waste, and more beer dispensed per keg. Beermaster accessory items include Chill-Pak flash chillers that enable beer to be dispensed below freezing at the tap and TRUpour FOB’s that sense when a keg is empty and can stop the flow of beer to the tap before it becomes foamy.  Both accessories lead to less waste and increased customer satisfaction, resulting in a more profitable poor.

Higher capacity

The Beermaster system lets you serve more brands while maintaining a consistent flow of cold beer in high-volume operations. This Spring, Multiplex long-draw beer dispensing systems were recently selected to provide cold beer at a major golf tournament where more than 200 kegs of beer were served per day in the Southeastern heat.

All Multiplex beverage systems carry full Agency approvals (UL, NSF, ETL), have stainless steel cabinets as standard equipment, and carry a two-year parts and five-year refrigeration compressor warranty.